Sunday, May 1, 2011

sale season - weekly finds

booty from this week's sales

 Each week my husband and I hit local yard sales as well as flea markets and auctions in search of  fantastic vintage items for my Etsy shops.  Since this weekend was fairly fruitful, I decided to start a weekly post to share my finds and to give you a sneak peek at the items that will be surfacing in my shops (ReconstitutionsSwing on a Star Vintage) soon.

more recently acquired goodies
A quick and incomplete list of finds:

-3 sets of salt and pepper shakers
- marble and brass table lamp
- reversible handbag
- set of Anchor Hocking glasses
- diner style shaker
- Flintstones and Loony Tunes glasses

Our first stop was a giant yard sale made of of various ex-flea market vendors who were going out of business.  From there we stopped at some neighborhood garage sales which were not productive, aside from a few things for my future nephew, Jackson.

I did find a number of items at an estate auction very near my home.  The couple who owned these items built their house in 1964 and the majority of their possessions moved in when they did.  I wish I had a need for some wonderful arm chairs because they had some that were gorgeous and I think they each sold for under $10...ridiculous!  It was a great experience to get to chat with some local vintage lovers and to get my first sunburn of the season.  My nose is rosy red and my husband says I look like a drunk.  (Love you too, honey.)

I love getting up each Friday and Saturday wondering what fantastic little nuggets we might find.  Here's wishing all of you a very fruitful sale season.  And if you're reading this and know of any great sales in the central Kentucky area, I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Fabulous finds to start May off right! I'm really looking forward to yard sale season here!

  2. we hit a couple on our way to my daughter's college softball tourneyment in Macon, GA. Thank heavens for our Garmin and estate! We hit the main one on day 2 and got some cool things but I don't want to know what I missed on day 1!