Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Becoming a work from home couple

My recent jewelry purchases from an online estate auction arrived on Monday.  I tend to act like a kid with a new toy when I receive a package like this.  My husband dutifully sits with me and watches me ooh and ahh over everything.  Yes, he's a saint, but he also knows that he will have to listen to me yap about my goodies until he comes over to look, so he just does it automatically now.  Without further ado, here are the lovelies that will soon be making an appearance in my Etsy vintage jewelry shop, Reconstitutions.

Recent auction purchases

In other news, my husband starts his new job tomorrow, and he will also be working full time from home!  This is very exciting for us since we actually love spending all of our time together.  It will also mean that we will be able to travel to more sales and auctions together, which is really exciting.

The down side, if I can even consider it that, is trying to figure out how to function in our home with two people trying to work and live in the same space.  Right now we are working on turning an extra bedroom into my office.  It will be a slow process but in the end it will be wonderful. 

The thing I'm most excited about, really, is having a permanent photography area set up for my Etsy product shots.  Right now when I want to take some new shots I have to clear off the buffet in my dining room and set up my portable light box and string extension cords around for my lamps--it's quite an ordeal.  Because it's such a pain, I don't take photos as often as I would otherwise.  So having a specific place where I can take pictures any time I like will be AMAZING!

Before I wrap this up I want to give a shout out to a new team I've joined on Etsy called Ecochic.  I love finding new groups of vintage jewelry lovers and of course I love my teams!  We can never get too much input, and networking helps me every single day.  Have a great day and here's hoping you make or find something beautiful today!


  1. Numerous congrats to both ya'll (new job, you getting your own office, joining a new Etsy team)! :) I have a little set up in my living room where I take pictures. It stays by the window permanently just because I am waaaaaaay too lazy to take it down and set it up every time I want to take pictures (everyday). I couldn't imagine having to do that. You'll love having a dedicated photo shoot area. :)

    Oh, and beautiful finds!

  2. Yay to John!! Hope it goes well!!

  3. Aren't supportive husbands the best. Looks like you scored some wonderful new treasures.

  4. LOL I have a very similar character trait and a very similar husband. If it's something I'm sooo excited about he knows he has to at least pretend to listen to me.

    I found you through a jewelry maker's team on Etsy. I love vintage jewelry. I have a friend who owns a real brick and mortar vintage jewelry, clothing and hat store. I just love going there and playing dress up.

    Have fun with your new finds!