Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello my old friend

Well it has been a while.  My last post was about 19 months ago.  That was a pretty dark time, looking back.  A lot of things changed about then.  Misch dying put a lot of things into focus for John and I, and we decided to get busy building the life we wanted.  Not right away and we aren't doing anything quickly, but somehow we've been able to hold our goal up high enough to see them through the everyday fog of BS. 

The shop is thriving - not where we hope to get to, but we're definitely on the way.  We hit 400 sales recently and it has been amazing how well we've done this year.  As John is quick to remind me, it's also not uncommon for me to work 14 hours a day.  I have this little issue with balance, as I believe I've addressed previously.  The difference here is that working on the shop and everything surrounding it doesn't feel like work a lot of the time.  I was complaining a couple of weeks ago about things - we had a couple of slow sale days, I was having trouble getting good photos, and I was just grumpy in general.  John said "would you rather have gotten up and gone to the dealership this morning?"  That would be a gigantic NO.  Perspective.  There's nothing like it.

So, yeah...I'm back.  Going to post regularly and all that.  Just had to wade back in, I suppose.